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Hand-dyeing in a traditional way means finding beauty in imperfections. Each dye bath, even if the colour recipe is the same, is unique for those who look closely. Sometimes I have the impression that colours are sensitive to temperatures and emotions. Thus, the following images, although taken as faithfully as possible, may be slightly different from the skein you will obtain. I find the idea that each skein is unique particularly romantic. 


All fibres interact in their own way with the dye, so the same colour can vary from one base to another. 


For large projects, it is advisable to alternate the skeins from one row to another for a more uniform look. 

Spring 2020


Places, memories, smells, light are the greatest sources of inspiration. To seize these moments, to freeze them. Keep these photographs aside knowing that I will come back to them one day, and that they will then reveal their colours.

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